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ASK Enterprises is India's leading Wholesaler & Retail supplier of Secondary Textile Materials, Clippings, Rags, Industrial Wipers and/or other Wiping Solution Materials, Recycled Cotton Fiber, Polyester Fiber, Wool Fiber, Acrylic Fiber as well as Bedding and Household Items.

We cater across industries like Pharmaceuticals Paint, Automobile, Chemical, Steel, Oil, and various engineering sectors. We have s range of Industrial wiper rags material according industries requirements. Our sales experts have in-depth knowledge of industries requirements of rags for cleaning purpose and will guide you towards best product solution suited to your specific needs.


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Pharmaceuticals Industries | Paint & Automobile Industries
Chemical & Steel Industries | Oil & Gas Industries | Engineering Sectors
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ASKe Recycling Products
ASK Recycled Fiber
White Cotton Fiber
White Cotton Wiper

Most common types of rags which is used by industries are

Industrial Wiping Rags

White T-Shirt Wiper

Color T-Shirt Wiper

White Cotton Wiper

White Printed T-Shirt Wiper

Corduroy Wiper

Heavy Cotton Wiper

Light Cotton Wiper

Flannel / Fleece Wiper

Jeans Denim Wiper

Sweatshirt Wiper

Recycled Cotton Fiber

Black Cotton Fiber

White Cotton Fiber

Brown Cotton Fiber

Recycled Polyester Fiber

Color Polyester Fiber

White Polyester Fiber

Yarn Waste

Color Cotton Yarn Waste

White Cotton Yarn Waste

Hand Gloves

Blue Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves

White Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves

Blue Cotton Jeans Hand Gloves

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Available Packing Size for Wiper Rags

Bale Pack 300kg to 400kg

Big Bale Pack

300kg to 400kg Wiper Rags pack for Bulk/Truck Load supply

Bale Pack 50kg

Small Bale Pack

5o kg Bale pack of Wiper Rags for Industrial bulk or retail supply

Bale Pack 10kg

Mini Bag Pack

1o kg Small Bag pack of Wiper Rags for Industrial bulk or retail supply

Pan India Logistics Support

We have our own manufacturing setup at Haryana, Karnataka and Gujarat.
So we are easily provide logistics support allover India with lowest transportation charges.